Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our First Day Out...

Yesterday was the first full day out with my used Crockett and Jones Exmoor. I photographed a wedding on a very sunny, hot day in Kent and I wanted to see how the shoes performed during the action. Weddings really take it out of my shoes. I am always kneeling, running and bashing into things with my shoes. Plus, I'm on my feet for 8-10 hours straight and anything wrong with a shoe becomes painfully obvious. So I figured it would be the perfect time to see if there was anything that was going to bother me about these used Exmoors. 

I'm happy to announce that the shoes performed beautifully! 

My only niggle was that after about 4-5 hours both of the backs of my heels were slightly sore from rubbing against the back of the shoe. I have this with most of my shoes and is usually cured by wearing thicker socks. Which, of course, I couldn't as it was a scorcher!

I did not experience anything close to what the internet forums have mentioned about buying used shoes, i.e. that they mold to the shape of the previous owner and can be horribly uncomfortable. In fact, they feel like any of my shoes after I've already broken them in. Perhaps a twin brother I was unaware of owned these before me.

So far so good...

My Used Crockett and Jones Exmoor
Used Crockett and Jones Exmoor Looking Regal

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