Friday, August 1, 2014

The First Repair

After purchasing my Crockett and Jones Exmoor there was one thing that kept bugging me... namely, the slight tear in the leather on the inside back of the heel on the right shoe. The left is fine, the right, not so fine. At first I thought I could let it go, but being extremely detail oriented and liking all of my shoes to maintain a perfect look, I decided to get my local cobbler to fix it.

When I brought the Exmoors in to the cobbler the first thing he said was, "have you not been using your shoe horn?" He then said, "or maybe you've been taking this shoe off without untying the laces, perhaps pushing it off with your other shoe?" Obviously, I have no idea how the previous owner treated these shoes, but it's clear from the before photos and now this, that he simply didn't treat them well.

But, that's what this project is all about. Taking a pair of totally unloved Crockett and Jones' and with a little TLC making them stand out and wearing them until they truly wear out. And not from a lack of looking after them, but from getting the most out of them, while maintaining their brilliance along the way.

This £5 bonding job should last quite a while and I don't anticipate it getting any worse. Is it perfect, like-new? No, not even close. That doesn't really matter for these purposes. Even with the new laces and this £5 repair, I have still saved myself a fortune buying these used. And I get the satisfaction of seeing these shoes improve every day I own them.

Crockett and Jones Exmoor Repair
Crockett and Jones Exmoor Repair
Crockett and Jones Exmoor Repair-Enlarged
Enlarged View Before
Crockett and Jones Exmoor Repair-Enlarged
Enlarged View After

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